It’s all about big, mega concerts these days where everyone brags about the largest number of revelers gathered partying together at a single place all aiming for that elusive record of the ‘World’s Biggest Concert‘ but then things weren’t that different either when we roll back the times 25 years back.

1991 A.D.

If you look back at the history of humankind, the year 1991 quite handsomely be marked as one of the biggest game changers in world politics and our lives in fact. The year which saw India adopt some bold economic reforms, the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait ( Yes, the one depicted in Akshay Kumar’s ‘Airlift’) and the fall of USSR.

The concert took place on September 28th, 1991, shortly after the 1991 Soviet coup d’état attempt of August 19-21, and four months before the dissolution of the mighty Soviet Union on December 26, 1991. The concert saw a record attendance of a large 1.6 billion attendees and it was the world’s biggest concert at that point of time. The war. Brinked Soviet Union was lucky to witness the iconic ‘Masters Of Rock‘ show which boasted of the biggest bands from that generation like AC/DC, Pantera, Metallica, The Black Crowes and E.S.T. The show was sponsored by Time Warner Inc., the entertainment and publishing conglomerate and one could enter the same for free.

Well if you love heavy metal, just imagine the mayhem that would have been unleashed where you have AC/DC, Pantera, and Metallica all headlining together. In fact, to be honest, there was an awful lot of bloodshed at the concert. Don’t forget that these are in most parts…Metalheads. They start a moshpit almost anywhere if some aggressive music catches their ear. Again, everyone is not involved in the moshpit; people knowingly enter the mosh pit, and they know that in the process they might or might not get hurt. So, no one is forcing them to get into a moshpit. And yes, there have been a hell lot of instances reported where people have their noses bleeding and eyes scorched at times.

As of 2015, the mosh pit scene is entirely different, then the ones back in the 90’s. Now you would hardly find any moshpits being made and if we do find any of them, there are not many revelers up there.

Well 25 years later, where we have an incredible amount of money going into the music scene in forms of sponsorships and collaborations, we leave you with the memories of the massive ‘Masters Of Rock’ concert. Check out the humongous crowd, the flying helicopters, the head-banging soldiers.Ahh, what a sight!