Goa-based DJ/Producer Anish Sood has been charming the crowd with splendid music for the past couple of years. With remixes for the likes of rock legends, Radiohead, and American singer-songwriter, Kelis, Sood has been at the peak of his career in 2016.
The Goa-based DJ/Producer, Anish Sood, who started his lucrative career back in 2008, has been charming the fans across the country with his stellar music! After having played at some of the most extravagant venues and fantastic music festivals this year is set to end 2016 with a bang!
With the release of Superfly, with Anushka Manchanda and Nanok and a couple of fanciful remixes for ZHU and Autograf last year, Sood’s latest release sees him collaborate with LA-based singer-songwriter, Charlie Sputnik. With the follow-up to the remarkable ‘Superfly,’ Sood’s latest release ‘Don’t Stop’ works its magic with lighthearted melodies serving as a counteracting complement the sultry vocals. The 27-year old, who has been steadily rising from the Electronic scene in India with breezy, melodic house and electro sounds, steps out of his comfort zone to create a 3-minute masterpiece only a few can replicate. Don’t Stop comes with emotional feel with Charlie Sputnik on vocals and brings along a dancefloor appeal with Sood’s techno-influenced beats. With groovy sounds and dreamy vocals, Anish Sood hopes of taking ‘Don’t Stop’ to the dancefloors across the country.
Listen to Anish Sood’s single ‘Don’t Stop’ featuring Charlie Sputnik here:


The homegrown dance music sensation also took the opportunity to introduce his hybrid label, CLASS ACTION, with the release of his latest single. The cross-platform will function to cater to the artist collective, designer and artists over a broad spectrum of music and art.  Sood plans to deliver quality music along with new clothing and heedfully curated art with his dream project.
Anish Sood says:
“Launching my label has always been a dream, and I’m thrilled that it’s finally taking shape now. With CLASS ACTION I aim to deliver not just quality music but also new clothing and carefully curated art. We plan to sign artists across genres beginning next year and the focus will firmly be on quality and not quantity.”


Anish Sood and Charlie Sputnik is Don’t Stop now out on CLASS ACTION and is now available on iTunes.