Delhi 2 Dublin, are not your average group of musician, but an incredible collaboration with an unique twist of music. The group infuses sounds from dhols and violins that evokes a primal feeling connecting people to them. Formed back in 2006, the group has managed to play numerous events across the world and are know for the outburst of ENERGY in live performances, as they bring the world’s best beats together in a robust and powerful DANCE EXPLOSION.
Catching up with Delhi 2 Dublin, they share how this genre of music came about, what is to come from them in the future and more so check out what they have to say here.
Hi guys, first we would like to thank you for taking some out for this interview with Front Row Ravers.
1)You guys seem to have a ball in 2016 with the massive North American tour and now this big India tour where you start off with the Hornbill festival in the North East. Do you think you guys met all the goals you had laid for this year?
D2D:We came closer this year than we have in the past. 2016 has been one of our most successful years, and some of the significant milestones include coming to India twice, Burning Man, and playing some of our favorite festivals in the US – all of which were things we had set as goals from the previous year.
2)You guys had the privilege of performing at the illustrious Burning Man Festival in Nevada, would you tell us how your first Burn was?
D2D: It is an experience that is very hard to explain in words. It was incredible, and every cliche that exists about the Burn is real. It is not a festival but a life experience, and one that I feel anyone who gets the opportunity to attend should do so at least once in their life.

3)The Indian audience has taken an instant liking to your style of music, and there is a strong fan base for Delhi 2, Dublin, after you toured here in January. Well did you guys expect such strong reception when you boarded your first flight to India from Vancouver?
D2D: Not really! One thing that being around for 10 years has taught us is to keep our expectations low and to trust the flow. So that was what we did, and we were very pleasantly surprised. Hopefully, it continues to flow this way 🙂
4)The bass music scene in India is surely growing up, and we see many listeners opening to the different genres of music. What do you think about the current music scene in the country?
D2D: There are so many great bass producers and EDM musicians here making some of the best music in the world. We just wish that this desi bass scene was the mainstream, that would be kinda ideal 🙂
5)Do you think promoters, festival organizers and all the other professionals who are responsible for a music gig in India are at the same level of international counterparts? Are we there yet?
D2D: I think it varies gig to gig. I’m sure that there are the good ones and then there are the bad ones, just like it is in the rest of the world!  So, India is there yes, and shouldn’t be thought of as any less. The only part that kind of gets to me is the amount of garbage that is thrown on the ground at the festivals that don’t happen in North America.
6)You guys shot the music video for ‘We’re All Desis’ in the slums in India. Can you tell us something more about it?  I guess there would be surely some apprehensions about shooting the same after one of the modern days great rock bands, Coldplay too did the same a year back.
D2D: This video was shot by Kedar Sonigra with a local cast and crew from Dharavi.  Based on our experiences when visiting the area we were moved to provide a new narrative – something more ‘real’ than Major Lazer’s ‘Lean On’ or Coldplay’s ‘Hymn for the Weekend’ and we wanted to confront people’s stereotypes of  the slum- to show them as living neighborhoods with ordinary citizens living full and happy lives. So we weren’t using it as exotic wallpaper for rock stars, or as poverty porn!  So we can say no apprehensions at all 😉
7)Do you think there is this big trend in the western world regarding shooting films and music videos in the slums of India? Like something which has increased frantically posts the success of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’?
D2D: Yes for sure, and like anything that has had mainstream success, there will be the whole copycat thing going on. I think India is still this “exotic” place to a lot of the west and will continue to serve as an exotic backdrop. We feel a band like Delhi 2 Dublin can be educators and so we work at being real. We want to show that brown people aren’t always just dancing around wearing bright colors.  We are real people doing real things like making kick ass bass music. Also, we can’t take things too seriously either after all this is a pretty magical place and its allure is very strong!
8)Any words of advice you would like to provide to young, upcoming music bands? What should the approach they adopt in today’s changing music world?
D2D: It is and it should always be to make the music that is most real to you just to stick with it. Consistency over time is the way to do see results happen. And being as true to yourself is the best way to ensure happiness when success does come.
9)You guys are coming back to Bangalore again after your initial performance this summer, so what shall your fans expect from the upcoming gig at blueFrog, Bangalore?
D2D: As always, a good ol’ fashion sweaty desi bass dance party!
10)Lastly before our rapid fire, what are your year-end plans and what can we fans expect from Delhi 2 Dublin next year? 
D2D: We are heading home to Vancouver for a New Years Eve gig, and then a couple of us are heading back here in Jan to continue working on some collaborations we have started and to do some Delhi 2 Dublin DJ gigs.

#Fast Five

1.The best Prime Minister in the world right now: (Narendra Modi / Justin Trudeau)  
– Not sure if that title is ever deserving to any politician. I’m sure they are both doing better than I could though so I don’t want to judge too harshly.
2.Any Indian artist you would like to collaborate with?
– Nucleya
3.Let’s suppose we have a Bollywood actor and actress to feature in your next music video, who will you cast? (All are money is on Akshay Kumar here, the Canadians just love him!)
– Om Puri. He is awesome. That would be a rad video for sure 😀
4.If not ‘Delhi 2 Dublin’, what would you guys like to be called as?
  • D2D
5.Most memorable gig till date?
– Too many to choose from, but Sulafest and Burning Man are high on the list

Delhi 2 Dublin will be performing this weekend at blueFrog Bangalore on the 17th of December,2016.

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