Towards the end of 2007, Leeds saw the birth of something special the world today recognizes as Dinosaur Pile-up.

The 3-piece band from the UK have always delivered a special something album after album right since thier debut album,Growing Pains back in 2010.

After receiving outstanding reviews and love from the fans for Growing Pains and Nature’s Nature, the alternative/grunge band recently put out their 3rd full length album, ‘Eleven:Eleven’ available Here.

We at the FRR HQ had the opportunity to catch up with Dinosaur Pile-up before they head to India to 2 shows starting this weekend. Matt Bigland (Guitars/Vocals), Mike Sheils (Drummer) and Jim Cratchley (Bass) spoke to us about their Weekender experience, their latest album ‘Eleven: Eleven‘, their upcoming US and Europe album launch tour and their current jam.

Check out the complete interview with Dinosaur Pile-up below:

1) The amazing journey of Dinosaur Pile-up is coming to its 10 years as a band. How would you describe this illustrious career of the band?

-The journey has been awesome!! We’ve worked hard as a band to get to where we’re at and getting opportunities like coming over to play in India or touring the USA are encouraging for us. I would describe it as character building, gratifying and awesome.

2) The NH7 Weekender experience is something that you guys have already been a part of, this time it happens to be a new city with a whole new experience. How are you guys preparing for this special show?

-Well, we’re just coming off a US/UK/European tour which has been about 6 weeks on the road, so we’re pretty ready to come to India. We love being on the road so being out for such extended periods of time is fun for us – especially when we can come to places like India. We’re really really excited to get out there.

3) Tell is a little about the magical set at the Cotton Press Studio the last time Dinosaur Pile-up were in Mumbai.

-That was a total surprise to us! We didn’t know what to expect from the session and when we got there we were pleasantly surprised by the setup and the team behind the production. We ended up just playing a bunch of songs really loud and having a great time!! I’m not sure anyone could hear anything afterward, though.

4) We were pretty amazed by the video and the sounds of 11:11. The song seems to be very special to the band. Is there a story behind 11:11? How did the name ’11:11′ come by for the single and the complete studio album?

-11:11 comes from the year and a half of solid touring we did before recording the new album. I was writing the ideas for the next record while on the road, and we were throwing them around in sound checks and rehearsals. During that period, we were everywhere. Japan, the USA, India, Europe, UK, all multiple times – but the whole time we would see 11 11 in some form or another. The time on our phones, flight gates, train platforms, room numbers. Everywhere. It became weird, but we all became fascinated by it. And thus it became the title of the song and the record. It’s sentimental to us I suppose.

5) The band recently kicked off the ’11:11′ worldwide album tour, how has the reaction of the fans been toward this world tour and the new album?

-The result has been great! People are getting behind the record and the sound of what we’re doing now. I think this record is the most focused record that we’ve made to date and people understand the energy of our music more.

6) From my observations, Dinosaur Pile-up has been one of the very few bands that have grown in a very organic manner. But I have always wondered how did it all work out so well for the band?

-I suppose it’s a giant mix of time, luck and hard work. The band started in a very organic way almost 10 years ago, and has grown through many different stages, all the while touring and writing and growing. Meeting Mike and Jim to create the line up has taken time and luck, and being able to last until that opportunity for the band presented itself took hard work.

7) From Growing Pains in 2010 to ’11:11′, how has the band’s song- writing process changed?

-Not really – I suppose I’m growing as a songwriter all the time and we throw more ideas around in the room these days because we’re together on the road so much. But mostly the songs still start in the same way, with a small idea that then grows and grows.

8) From growing up to now, what has been the band members biggest influences and has the band tried to reflect the influences in through your songs?

-We’ve all been influenced by a lot of different music, but our core influences and very similar and have stayed as a constant among the band. 90’s alternative rock being one, 60′ guitar pop being another and old school hard rock and heavy metal being another.

9) Talking about the writing process, how does the band deal with the creative differences between 3 individuals in the studio?

-We mostly agree on things and get excited by the same things. By the time we’re in studio usually, the songs are pretty figured out, so there’s not to much to argue about. And if we ever get pissed about something we’ll probably just order pizza and talk about it for a while. We don’t dig fighting much.


10) A few line- up changes, multiple tours across the globe, 3 albums, and an EP. What has to keep the band going on for a decade now? What’s next for Dinosaur Pile-up?

-What’s kept the band going I guess is a constant excitement and belief in what we’re doing. We wouldn’t keep doing it if we hated it – we keep doing it because we just think it’s great and we want more and more people to feel like us, and we wouldn’t rather be doing anything else with our lives right now. That’s it I guess. Straight after this brief India tour, we’re immediately back on the road in Europe until mid-December. Then we’ll go to sleep for a couple of weeks and eat loads of turkey or whatever and then we’re straight back out on the road in the USA in January. We’ll maybe be on tour in the UK and Europe in February and March and then back out to the States in April or May. So we’re visiting Eleven Eleven pretty hard right now.

11) Finally what is on your Playlist now?

-Underground alternative rock from the UK like Tigercub and Demob Happy, and American punk rock like Fidlar. And the whole mix of hip hop and Metallica’s new album.

Catch Dinosaur Pile-up live at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender Hyderabad.

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