We at the Front Row Ravers are absolutely stoked after this! We harbored dreams and finally things did fall in place and how 🙂
We are really grateful to Hard Rock Cafe Team for providing us this opportunity to interact with the legendary Wes Scantlin , the front man of Puddle of Mudd before they kick off their iconic India tour. Puddle of Mudd India Tour shall be covering this cities and so..
Below is the exclusive interview with Wes Scantlin which has him speaking his heart out on his life, the current rock scene and many others.
Puddle of Mudd India
Puddle of Mudd India Last Night At Hard Rock Cafe Mumbai
1. This is the first time Hard Rock Cafe has come up with the novel idea of flying down legends of the Rock / Metal scenes to India. We had the tour cancelled some time back and you finally are here 🙂
So how excited are you about it? This is your first visit to India.
WES-It’s been very nice in fact we are super happy to be here! It doesn’t happen to anybody man! No one like my father, mother, grandmother thought I will be here. And just like me, they all are amazed with this visit to India. Honestly my own dad was bombed when he heard I am in like India, Mumbai and I am super proud to be here man, nobody gets this shit! Where I come from the countryside in the United States, people don’t even leave the States too often, they rarely do travel around the world and I am fucking happy to be here!
2-Since you are so excited about this India trip, have you heard any alt, rock bands from our country prior to this?
WES- Ahhh I would rather say None.
Infact, I don’t know anything about the new  American bands, European bands itself. I am constantly writing ….write write write one song after the other. This might sound a bit crazy, but my mind keeps telling to keep writing, that’s what I do! I love penning down one song after the other, make some music, fit around the tunes I just love this life 🙂
3-With your phenomenal talent , there are many comparisons made with the illustrious Kurt Cobain. What do you feel about such comparisons?  Is it good or bad?
WES-I think it’s good, to be compared to that man Kurt. He was one heck of a talent man!
By the way, his daughter Frances Bean Cobain just got married recently. You know she even didn’t invite her mom, Courtney Love. That’s kinda sad I say :/
But yeah it’s indeed really nice to be compared to that guy. It’s superb when people do take your names along with the magical Kurt Cobain.
4-Talking about your writing stuff, you have numerous albums released. And now have a new one releasing next March ! But we are all ears for the cover album where you guys did cover all the greatest artists. How did this idea originate?
WES-It was like we were jamming and decided to do one record. We were pretty much in the nascent stage with me writing and then we decided to do a cover of these mighty famed artists. Trust me it was very tough back then,  cause all those singers back then we’re in their mid-twenties and we were a bunch of kids in our teens. I was 14 back then and it was hard to sing like Neil Young!  We were really kinda focusing on warming out to that songs and then unleash the real Puddle of Mudd stuff to the fans. I guess we were quite successful with that! We had fans come in, we had fans going mad with our brand of music. We saw the fans move away and over the years we learned that you can’t please everybody all the time man! From where we started till now, we have quite nicely established ourselves and we are proud of Puddle of Mudd , our stuff.
One thing I can add in, our next album should be quite interesting for the music lovers and we shall keep inventing and making our style of music.
5-When you are on the road traveling or touring , what type of music do you actually like? Do you your own songs stuffed on your i-pods?
WES-I am loving this track played right now.*the current mellow track being played * I like the music from different countries. Since,I am in India, I want to try some local Indian beats. Feel the pulse of the music played on here.I want to  hear and absorb all so that I can take it back home and fuse it into my rock and roll ! Our guitarist Mathew already has already got a couple of ideas and I am very excited to start working on the new tracks !
There is a myth where writers find inspiration from family/relationships or a tragic accident! What’s your story?
It’s about inspirational stuff and emotions ! I have seen mayhem in my life u know 😉
I have witnessed emotional fucking chaos! Everybody goes through the same shit, I have seen loss,death and that surely has had an influence on my life and my music. I am not gonna say I am god but I just look forward to making music which shall connect with people. I want them to feel free and relaxed whenever they turn up to one of our Puddle of Mudd’s tracks.
6-With this long journey of 22 years of Puddle of Mudd as the band, you have seen people quit or leave the band. How does it affect the band as such? Is there any particular member who left, you wish could have stayed back?
Honestly speaking, I have seen people come and people go. That’s a part of life, I believe in moving forward.
To answer the question of one member who could have stayed back, I would say probably Paul Phillips 🙂
7-If not being a part of Puddle of Mudd, not being involved in music of any sorts , what do you think Wes Scantlin have chosen to become on life?
WES-Haha…. This is one real interesting question. I would surely have become a bartender as I really do love people, I love communicating with them. Listening to people, their lives over a couple of drinks wouldn’t that be perfect?
If not that then probably I would have headed to Manchester and play football and be retired by now 😉
I love the game and wish we could all here play a game together.
In fact, I would say that I would have loved to work with children in some form or the other. I love the younger generation and they have always looked up to me as an inspiration.