Sonic Species is another big name from the UK trance industry and his latest album ‘Back To Reality’ along with another young talent Avalon saw some tremendous success. Sonic Species has been quite busy off late for the album promotions and he has been globetrotting across different countries like Mexico, Israel, Hungary,Portugal , South Africa and others. He has performed at some of the biggest festivals like Ozora Festival, Unity Festival , Lost Theories to name a few.The Owl caught with Joe Markendale a.k.a Sonic Species for an exclusive interview to know more about his views on the current state of the psychedelic music industry.
Here is the full interview where Joe talks about his love for Goa, Hardwell and much more:
1.  First of all we would like to thank you on behalf of Front Row Ravers for taking some time out for this interview. So,  how is life? 2015 has been a big year post the release of ‘Back To Reality’?
Yes indeed, 2015 was an awesome year for me with some of the top highlights of my career to date.  Ozora Festival Hungary was the most renowned festival I played this summer and wow what a vibe!  25,000 people all rocking to the same beat….absolutely magical!
2. You had a lot of gigs all over the world, which location was the most stunning? Why ?
Honestly Goa is one of my favourite places to perform because of the jungle vibe and raw trance energy that exists there.  Japan I always love because they go wild and dance like crazy every time you drop the beat.  UK I love because for me it’s the home of underground dance music. Finally I love playing in USA because the scene is so fresh and there are so many young people listening to dance music at the moment…it’s a real emerging market for Psytrance!
3. If you would go to a bar and by accident would sit next to Hardwell and he would start a conversation with you, what would you ask him?
Ahhhh I would ask him a beer? May be 😉
4. From your experience, what country has the most powerful dance floor in the world ?
India, Portugal, UK, USA in that order.
5. Your newest project Future Frequency along with Avalon was a big success. Why do you think you two complement each other so well?
We both like similar kinds of tracks and we grew up on the same UK circuit as kids.  We also have similar touring schedules so we share a lot of experiences together along with the same taste for music. Whenever we talk about music in general, we totally understand each other.  I think that’s the essential factor for any collaboration to succeed 🙂
6. What music were you into before trance? What made you choose Psy trance as a genre? And what’s the story behind the name “Sonic Species’?
I have been into Drum n Bass, Acid Techno, Hard House, Electro-Funk, Breakbeat to name a few genres.  I fell in love with Trance when I experienced  it for the first time and it just opened me up. It kinda took control of my body and make me dance like there was no tomorrow!  Sonic Species was just a cool sounding name at first but then later I realised that it represented my view of the world:  that we are all vibrational beings!
8. In what way has Sonic Species evolved, or changed maybe, since becoming a solo project?

So in what ways have you taken it to another place?
For now the Sonic Species sound has got a bit cleaner and tighter but it still retains that euphoric vibe that we all know and love.  It’s a journey and it will always be with the signature sound evolving all the time. I would rather suggest my listeners to keep their ears open for the next installment (Devil Smiley)
9. What is your take on the current trance scene? Do you think this EDM boom has commercialized music in a wrong way?
Currently I feel that psychedelic trance is growing rapidly and entering new markets contrary to people’s opinion. Trance as a genre which originated in Europe has spread rapidly and in fact taken the United States by a storm. It has spread across all across the world with young artists travelling to different countries spreading happiness by dishing out some quality music. Trance is reaching more people  than ever at the moment and I sincerely hope that reach continues to grow.
EDM, in my opinion, has actually done something good for dance music globally as well as in America.  A few years ago the kids in America didn’t listen to much dance music and right now there are hundreds of thousands of young music lovers going out and dancing to electronic music every weekend!  I think that can only be a  positive thing 🙂
10. What shall be your advice to young, aspiring psychedelic artists?
Never give up hope.  Work with people who are more skilled than you in the studio to learn quicker and improve your own skills as a producer.  Ask your friends for feedback on your tracks to gauge your progression as an artist.  Make sure you use quality source material, such as tight kick drums, nice bass samples or patches and good plugins – This will make the production process easier.  Most importantly make sure you are working in a treated room where you have sound absorption and bass traps so that you can hear the real sound of your monitors rather than the sound of the room – this alone will take years off your journey!

#FRR Fast Five:

Your favorite rock / metal band?
Your biggest inspiration from the industry?
The Prodigy.
Manchester United/ Chelsea?
Naaah …. I don’t follow football. Being from England that’s a bit strange I know :p
The genie comes out of the lamp and grants you one wish that will change the world. What would you wish for?
World Peace 🙂
And the last one…. Give us a nutshell of your life, the philosophy/motto/mantra that you clutch close to your heart.
Spread the Love <3
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