Funkerman is known and revered around the world for his uncompromising approach to music. Whether you realise it or not, you’ve already partied hard, sung along and undoubtedly enjoyed some (if not all) of the releases he has been a part of creating or releasing.

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We are glad to have Funkerman and below is our conversation with him:

#1-Fresh off the bulletin, you had a brand new release titled “You got me weak” being premiered by Oliver Heldens. Tell us something about the header of the track & your emotions attached to it.

Sometimes you have a track that is there in a split of a second. This is one of them. We based the music on this vintage feel sample of the vocal and everything after that went by feeling. The day after I did the arrangement and the mix. Mixing a track you really like is always so much easier. The title was easy because it’s a result of the part of the vocal we chose.

#2-You’ve had many successful singles, remixes and a full-length album, “House For All,” which was released in 2010. We don’t see as many albums in dance music these days. As a touring DJ and producer, do you think it’s hard for artists to dedicate enough time to writing a full-length project now?

Yeah, I think that is one of the reasons. I really took the time to produce my upcoming album.

You really want to have more tracks, so you can compile something that doesn’t only feel like a compilation of songs but also makes sense as a whole. Besides that, nowadays only artists that feel the urge to go into the “Album realm” will do that. We are living more in a single-based world now.

#3-“Music doesn’t have to be original and innovating. Music can be just fun“. How far do you agree with the complexity of this statement or do you completely agree to disregard it?

I can agree with that in the same way that food doesn’t have to be delicious to name it food 🙂
I think that there’s also a lot of music that feels simple but feels great. If the artist can capture a great feeling, I will love to have a listen. Even if it is just fun.

#4-Having been in the industry for quite long, how many of the artists you’ve worked with are able to match it “live” in their sets to what they’ve done in the “studio”? Is this the norm?

There is a whole spectrum of guys, so there will be guys who are better live than in the studio and also great producers who suck on stage. And everything in between. I do think though that you should give everyone the chance to grow.

#5-In 2004, you founded Flamingo Recordings, with fellow DJ/producer Fedde le Grand that has had some alluring records under its belt. But with so much of piracy and ignorance, how complex is the survival of a music label?

In those 10 years, there has been a great change. When I started out I would drive to the vinyl factory myself to pick up boxes and boxes of our early titles in my car to drive them to our distribution. Nowadays, if at all, the analogue formats are in small numbers. The digital domain has taken over. I see good and bad things because of that change, but above all Good music will always be good music. I am always on the lookout for exciting stuff.

#6-Something which we have asked all Dutch producers, how are so many of the best EDM DJ’s from Holland? To wit, Afrojack, Armin van Buuren, Nicky Romero and many more? Does it run in the veins?

No, it’s because of the water 🙂

#7-Last question, any message you want to convey to your fans?

Thanks for being there for me. I will give you the best stuff in the coming years. I’ve got stuff cooking & it smells great!!!

Rapid fire

• Your favorite artist?
Rick Rubin

• Adored sportsman?
Not into sports at al. I prefer sports women if I had to choose.

• What do you think about ghost producing?
I don’t mind.

• Your biggest vice?

• Festival where you had goose bumps?
All of them where I played the last 1 or 2 years