If we had to go by what their Facebook page reads, The Ganesh Talkies draw influence from India’s black and gold-shrouded disco colossus, Bappi Lahiri and produced music this is coming to termed as ‘Kitsch Dance Pop.’

The band that was formed in 2011 by Suyasha Sengupta and Roheet Mukherjee, has been known for its  Bollywood influenced sounds and its punk styled lyrics that talk about the socio-political issues in the country.The Kolkata-based band went on to release their debut album, ‘In Technicolor’ after the addition of Ronondeep Boss in 2012 and Sambit Chatterjee in 2014.

In conversation with The Ganesh Talkies, we caught up on their upcoming EP, a possible remix EP, their #2StrokeTour experience and their plans for the debut edition of the Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Hyderabad.

1) To start with, there has been quite some jazz about the new Ganesh Talkies EP. How is the new EP shaping up?

We’re done recording songs for the new EP. The mixes too are now concrete. A few last minute tweaks here and there, it’ll be ready for release.

2) The band’s music has been very versatile over the course of time, right from Bollywood-ish sounds in songs like Roadside Romeo and Item Song to some punk rock vibes in songs like Fight Club and The Great Indian Freak show. What can the fans expect from the upcoming EP?

While the kitsch/chyangra aesthetic of the band remains, the songs are a little bit on the heavier side as we explore newer themes regarding politics, culture and the state of affairs in the country. Having said that, we still like to dance and have fun. So there’s something for everyone.

3) We saw a video clip with the remix version of the new single ‘Triangle’ by SilverFox. Are there any plans of putting out a Remix EP along with the original EP release?

Miti Adhikari (who’s producing this record) made a remix version of the song which we liked better than the original. So we’re deciding to release it as part of the EP. We don’t know about a remix EP yet, but we’ve reworked all the songs from the versions we’ve been playing live these last few months.

4) On Independence day, you put out a new single with a music video address the social issues like the ‘Beef ban.’ How did the concept of ‘The Great Indian Freak Show’ come by?

As musicians who’re given an opportunity to be heard, we think it’s our responsibility to slowly start a discussion on the current Indian notions of patriotism, nationality and other eccentricities of daily life. Dancing is great, it’s still something we enjoy. But as we grow older, we also feel the need to give our listeners something to think about. Hence we collaborated with Sourya Sen and Naman Saraiya, who have very same ideals.
The video is not just a take on the beef ban, but rather a dig at the absurdity of the current socio-political situation in the country where stupidity seems to reign supreme.

5) How influential have bands like Fossil and Insomnia, that have come out from the Kolkata music scene, been to Ganesh Talkies?

Fossils have been that one band who’ve always pushed boundaries, tried to explore newer audiences who’re not restricted to only one economic stratum of society. Their music speaks to everyone, and that is something we admire greatly and aspire to achieve someday. Personally, the members have been mentors to us in many ways for which we are very thankful.

6) From what I have noticed, the band’s like Fossil, Indomia, Pseudonym or Underground Authority have been on the alternative or metal side of music. How did the fans receive to the funky sounds of ‘The Ganesh Talkies’ and was it difficult for you to blend into a scene that was driven by more heavy sounding alternative and metal music?

If it’s music from the heart, you need not worry about an audience. While Calcutta is not the easiest city to deal with, the audience here is receptive to newer sounds and tends to be very honest with feedback.

7) Ganesh Talkies are no strangers to the Weekender, but you guys will be playing at the first edition of Hyderabad. The last time you played at Hyderabad was much talked about #2StrokeTour over a year back. What is the kind of set that we can expect at the Hyderabad weekender?

We played at Heart Cup Coffee last month. But our set at Weekender will include a bunch of our new songs, along with some of the most popular ones off In Technicolor.

8)Talking about the #2StrokeTour, how was the experience of working with Uddipan Sarmah and Bantering Ram and their DIY effort to chance the way bands toured in the country?

2Stroke was a rock n’ roll dream for us and we hope that every band gets an opportunity to do something like this once in their lifetime because it changes your perspective on things completely.

Now that the 2Stroke format has successfully established itself as a possible way of touring, we hope that more acts follow suit. The only criteria are that you have to be accommodating, willing to rough it out if and when needed.

9) The band is hosting a tour of your own that goes playing in different cities across the country, with an album and EP already out and an EP on its way, what’s next for The Ganesh Talkies?

There’s still some work left on the EP regarding visual content and releases.
Once done, we have a fresh new bunch of songs that we want to record for our next full-length album.

10) Finally, what’s on your Playlist now?

Courtney Barnett, Metz, Swet Shop Boys and a little bit of The Weeknd.

Catch Ganesh Talkies, live at the NH7’s Weekenders #BacardiHouseParty on the 5th of November. Get your tickets HERE

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