Three different ways, sometimes lead to One’

Music not about the what the people hear all the time. Its sometimes formed fromthe gut. A voice within, sqeezing the glasses and crackling the pots, that holds more of a morale than just a song. The lyrics won’t soothe you all the time. A few times, it’s the ice age that demands the cold snowy weather to be felt.

Heathen beast is among those Indian bands, who strive for a reason, play for a reason. The Black Metal Band consists of Three leading pillars-Carvaka, Samkhya and Mimamsa who hold their own views and thoughts regarding their lyrical styles and mannerisms of work.

Their debut EP Ayodhya Burns was released in 2010 as a CD release to a limited crowd and was also made available for free download online. The band believes in no god and religion.

We choose our own path and make our own destiny‘ turns up to be the foundation stone of the bands choice of subjects and the words they uphold.

The band released their second EP The Drowning of the Elephant God was only released online, making it available for free download.

The band prefers to hide their identity cause of the nature and subjects of the songs with the controversial nature, the bands prefers to create a silent rebellion with the Indian Metal Scene.

Lyrics of Heathen Beast do provoke minds, and add a thought to the listener’s mind, effectively.

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