If ever we end up plotting the aural food chain of electronic music in India, Dualist Inquiry would come right there, right at the TOP! Dualist Inquiry is the ‘Poster Boy’ of the electronic dance music in India and he shall be joining the likes of Kohra and Madboy Mink in a never before collaboration for the Budweiser MADE stage this Saturday.

Before his performance, we have the multi-faceted Sahej Bakshi a.ka. Dualist Inquiry in an exclusive conversation with the Front Row Ravers.

As usual with Sahej, words were spoken right from the heart and we believe you guys should love reading this one!

1. So how does it feel to be the ‘Poster Boy’ of Indian electronic music with an enviable female fan following? Any crazy fan experiences there?

Dualist Inquiry: Honestly, i feel pretty much bemused with it, i do laugh about it.  I would say that it’s really cool you guys saying about it but it is something which happened quite naturally while I was playing my brand of music across different gigs, touring many cities. It feels amazing to have so many fans out there who look up to you, your style of music and to be called the ‘Poster Boy’ you know it’s like something which can’t be planned!

So yeah, I am pretty much grateful for it and all the cool things happening along the way 🙂

2.  We all agree that Dualist Inquiry has brewed his music the hard way and today is India’s most saleable electronic music act? What do you think of this journey? Are there any goals left unfulfilled?

Dualist Inquiry: I haven’t yet, but it feels like I am close to fulfilling my goals. It’s also feels good to make my music without trying to be something else. There this magic associated with experimenting and playing with the different kinds of music and the persistent urge to stay authentic keeps me going. In fact, I think when I play music it actually gives me a chance to express myself and it kinda channelizes the real, authentic sounds coming out from my mind, my heart. This would rather sound clichéd but the real key to success is sticking to yourself!

3. You have been pushing the envelope and defying the barriers right from the start of your career. Like there is a particular section out there who say Dualist Inquiry is an over rated act? How do you handle such criticism?

Dualist Inquiry: I mean there is always going to be some criticism right? Obviously, as an artist when you hear criticism it wallops you, and you get on this whole journey of questioning yourself and your music. You start to wonder is there any way you could be better?

I believe this rather triggers in a more positive reaction where you tend to work more harder, put in those extra efforts and try to make music which makes you more happier, more prouder.  To be honest as an artist, one should listen to criticism. It’s like a two edged sword sometime’s it can be constructive  while sometimes it can be absolutely nonsense! I prefer taking in the positive notes out of it and moving on…

4. Dualist Inquiry is a solo project of Sahej Bakshi, who is once again managed by the meticulous Tej Brar. So what role does Tej play in the entire Dualist Inquiry ecosystem?

Dualist Inquiry: Ahh Tej Brar is like, He is my closest friend so in that sense he is just not involved only on the professional terms. Infact, I would rather say that I consider myself very lucky to have a manager like Tej with whom I am so close. We are like normal friends outside work who discuss a lot of things like movies, life and much more.

He is the second unseen member of Dualist Inquiry along with Rahul Sinha who also plays a part in this setup. The reason why the I can focus on my music is because I have two experts like Rahul and Tej  who handle so much stuff for me from booking, traveling making sure I am playing the right shows and getting the right partnership, basically ensuring everything is top notch! I would say both of these guys form an integral part of my journey till date.
5. As fans, what can we expect next from Dualist Inquiry for the remaining of 2016?

Dualist Inquiry: Yes, I am super excited for this year! This is what we have been kinda waiting for a year or too now, I can’t reveal in exactly how or what form now but I have been working a lot in the studio now from the past three months, and there is a lot of new music, waiting there to be shared. We have a plan, and that’s pretty exciting.

As of now, I could only say that there would be loads of new stuff coming your way – different and fresh as always!

#FastFive with FRR:

1. Your biggest fear as an artist?

Not seen anything yet and I would rather not like to.

2. Your dream collaboration would be….


3. Name 3 people from music industry dead/alive with whom you would like to have a
Budweiser with?

Tej Brar,any bands from Calcutta who we keep hearing in the 20’s,30’s and 40’s from the jazz scene and that dude who jumped on the stage last week during my set 😛

4. Your favorite rock band?

Rage Against the Machine

5. Lastly, we have a lot of young, upcoming music producers who look upto you as an inspiration. Any piece of advice you would like to share with them?

Major heads up, I would say it’s quite tempting to produce music which is big like big electro, EDM whatever! The thing is not to join the trend because the next big thing happening is underground music. Try to be part of it, seek to push in new, futuristic sounds’s which are not a part of today’s music, but would surely stand out tomorrow 🙂

And most importantly don’t listen to everyone’s opinion and follow the herd,in fact I would rather suggest listen to everybody, do stuff which they are not doing. I would say that it’s a rather good way to set your standard, establish your unique identity.

Make sure you catch up Dualist Inquiry playing live tomorrow at the Budweiser MADE stage.

The Budweiser MADE Stage, which is known to celebrate artists who have truly#BrewedTheHardWay will bring together a never seen before collaboration between Dualist Inquiry, Madboy Mink and Kohra that is sure to enthrall the audience.

Venue: Todi Mill Social, Mumbai

Date: 02nd July, 2016 9 PM onwards.

*Picture Credits – Times City