We had a chat with the man from Dilli, the man behind the moniker Frame/Frame who shares with us his life story and his #AlwaysBrewing way of music, which involves many collaborations to experimenting with the music he produces.

Frame/Frame will be playing alongside 11 biggest names in the electronic music space like BLOT, Anushka + Agent, Progressive Brothers, Paraphoniks, SICKFLIP, Zaeden and Kerano at the Hauz Khas Social in Delhi.

1. Hey, thank you for taking some out for this interview with the Front Row Ravers. So how has 2016 been for you so far?

F/F: Thanks for having me. 2016 has been good so far, aside from being extremely busy – Lowlit as a record label with the release of both my 4th EP and the compilation – Better Late, along with the two BeatDesk events we’ve curated, graphic design projects and playing live as well as a new found love for DJing. Yeah, 2016 has been awesome. And there’s still a bit to go!

2. One of the most exciting parts about Frame/Frame at the moment has to be Nikhil’s collaboration with Vishnu PS to form Lowlit, which also happens to share the Owl as an ambassador for the record label. How has it been working with downtempo electronica/ambient electronica musicians in a country that seem to be obsessed with the commercial side of electronic music?

F/F:I wouldn’t call all the artists necessarily downtempo / ambient though that is a flavor that both Vishnu and I enjoy. In fact, I can potentially see many dance-oriented releases coming through on the label in the future – we’re definitely for encouraging that feeling where we can. Possibly the common thread between the artists we’re pushing is an organic sound and subtlety in melody. We believe it’s important for like-minded artists and people who identify with this particular subculture to come together in as many ways as possible – whether it’s workshops, or in a nightlife situation and to create a feeling of camaraderie and open up dialog. Maybe then we’ll realize there aren’t so few of us!


3. Talking about Lowlit, talk us through the latest compilation ‘Better Life Vol. 1’ that featured some electronic heavyweights like Aditya Ashok and Kumail.

F/F: The compilation is a selection of artists that both Vishnu and I feel we could identify with and felt some connection to them musically. Each of them is very, very talented in their right and ’Better Late’, to us, represents a start in helping curate this sound and hopefully, thereby create an environment for this kind of music to flourish.

4. At any point of time, have there been talks about bringing back the Constellation Project or Switch Bitch and start writing music as a band?

F/F: Not really but never say never! (Also, got a lot on the plate at the moment :P)

5. Having multiple projects, Frame/Frame, Lowlit and Pythagoras Design, how do you manage to strike the balance between an illustrator, a musician and managing a record label?

F/F: Honestly, I think this chaos is what helps me strike the balance. Since most of my ventures are creative in their nature, I feel one feeds into the other more often than not. However, what helps is the fact that it keeps things fresh. When I’ve had a busy few days working on design projects, it’s nice to open up Ableton with a vengeance and have a go at it. Producing music every single day can get very frustrating though I think at some point, it’s important to go through that phase – I for one, enjoy a bit of variety.

6. What do you feel about this new campaign from Budweiser – Always Brewing where they provide a platform to showcase talented homegrown acts from the electronic music scene in the country?

F/F: It’s awesome that a brand as big as Budweiser is helping push the local scene here. It’s initiatives like this that help showcase the plethora of talent all over the Indian electronica community to a wider audience.

7. One last question before we close it with the rapid fire, so what’s brewing next for Frame/ Frame? What can your fans expect in the remainder of 2016?

F/F: I’ve been working on a lot of new music – primarily dance floor oriented. However, it’s all a bit vague as to what it all is and with regards to when this will all come out. A full-fledged release is unlikely before next year, but I will throw in a few remixes and maybe even a few singles and collaborations here and there to keep things exciting for the listeners in the meantime.



One person from the music industry you prefer sharing your Budweiser with?
Definitely Rohan Hastak aka Big City Harmonics. He loves his beer.

⦁ The biggest impact you could hope to achieve with your music?
Probably play at Sonar? 😛

⦁ If we ask to describe your sound as a visual, what would it look like?
An undulating, metamorphosing texture – clay?

⦁ What’s your current hot jam?

One thing you would like to change with the current setup of electronic music in the country?
The curation of events. I feel it needs to be done with a lot more care.