Last week Submerge brought down one of the most interesting names of the Dance Music Industry, Futuristic Polar Bears, to India and Boy! did they leave us with memories to cherish. While we stay clueless whether the Futurist Polar Bears boys hail from the future or outter space, we can assure you that they have left an impression on big occasions just like they did last week.

While The Owl is still awestruck by their performance, we also made sure we caught up with the UK-Based trio during their 3 city BYOS India Tour with Submerge. The DJs rumored to be from the Future spoke about the joys, the issues in the industry, their relation with Hardwell and a lot more.

Read The Owl’s complete interview with the boys from UK here:

  • What are you guys looking forward to do apart from playing music on this Tour? Is there anything crazy you guys plan to do or try on this trip?

FRAN: India is an amazing place and we always look forward to going back and catching up with friends. The food is amazing so we’re looking forward to that the most. Unfortunately, we’re not there long enough to go and experience much – we’re literally flying in and out on this trip.

  • How did FPB meet Hardwell and Revealed Records? How has the relationship with Hardwell and Revealed been so far?

LUKE: We met through the signing of Back To Earth and then the relationship has developed really great!! They are an amazing label to work with and they are great at nurturing artists. Hardwell is a cool guy as well and always has time to chat to us. We’re looking forward to our next releases with them so watch out for those!

  • What was the first thought that came to your mind when Hardwell dropped Back To Earth at Tomorrowworld in front of 65 thousand people?

RHYS: We were all like ‘WOW!’ that’s insane, this is incredible!!

  • When 3 people with different mind sets and thoughts, sit to make music, how do you guys agree on a particular topic and how are disputes sorted?

LUKE: We all have different roles to play in the studio when it comes to creating music, so not too much disputing goes on you might be surprised to hear! Communication and honest critique are the key though, and if you have those in place then you are onto a winner!!

  • The Dance Music universe has become commercialised with the DJ Mag polls. What is your opinion towards such ranking of talents.

FRAN: For the people that are in the top 100 it’s great, it gets you a lot of exposure and they deserve to be there, they’ve worked hard building up a loyal fan base. And for the people that moan about it, they are just jealous because they’re not in it! There’s too much jealousy in this industry, people should just focus on themselves instead of bitching about what everybody else is doing!!

  • After almost a year, the India tour finally fell in the place. What are some of your fondest memories from the 2013 tour?

FPB: From the 2013 tour I’d have to say Indian BBQ with the promoter in Indore was a great experience. Still one of the best meals we’ve ever had!!

  • Have you seen any significant changes in the India Dance Music circuit since your last tour?

FPB: I’ll answer that after we’ve come back ha-ha. In all seriousness from 2013 to 2014 we noticed even more people were enthusiastic about dance music and it’s definitely blowing up over there!!

Fast Five:

  •  Out of the 3, who is the better at FIFA?

ME (LUKE), Fran doesn’t play video games and I absolutely kick Rhys’s ass every time we play.

  • According to the Trio, who is the future of Dance Music?

The Fans.

  • Choose One: Drake/Taylor Swift/Pink Flyod/Metallica

Pink Floyd

  • Favorite Netflix and Chill series?

White Collar

  • 3 things you guys always carry?

Macbook, Travel Adaptor, Sunglasses

Sandro Silva & Futuristic Polar Bears – BYOS is out now on Armada Music, Grab your copy here.