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Aniello Federico better known as HOLLEN lives in Napoli and he represents the future of the neapolitan producers. His dj set is an emotional journey through new and old, you can listen techno, house, funk contamination and space sounds. Nowadays he is involved in many projects with well-known labels, but before he hits mumbai for Indian edition of Corona Sunsets on the 28th of June at the ASILO, Palladium hotel, the owl had the opportunity to speak to him.

Check out the Owl’s interview with Hollen prior to Corona India :

Hey Hollen, we are glad to have you with us at the Front Row Ravers ! Hope you’re doing well.

Hello!! thanks for the interview, nice to meet you.

1) You are regarded as a Legend in the Italian Underground Music scene since a young age. How does it feel when you look back at yourself as a young kid who has shared decks with people like Josh Wink and Rino Cerrone?

H-Looking back at the past and the achievements I can only feel satisfied with the work of these years. It is not easy today to succeed in this job but with the passion and the right commitment, step by step, everything is possible.


2) Did you always like Underground Music or you had a liking for different genres of music as well ?
H-Besides the underground music I like also other music genres. When I’m home I love listening to kinds of music with different sounds also to be able to rest your ears and then not only listen but also techno pop, rock, hip hop, etc also because it gives me the opportunity to find new sounds for my productions.


3) We see lesser Techno producers coming from Italy compared to other European countries. What do you think might be the cause of it?
HI think Italy in the last few years, is coming back to the glories of the nineties in this area. I can confirm that there are so many talented new producers that are building very well their paths.


4) You have produced for Legendary Record Labels like Suara and Tronic. How has the journey been till now for you ? Some alchemy which lead to all this ?
HTo reach important targets there are not one right formula but only so much effort and work. It is not easy to get to labels like Suara and Tronic but ultimately by trial and error I obtained my results.


5) What is the level of excitement ? How much excited are you to play at the Corona Sunsets in Mumbai ?!
HI am very excited to come back again to India. The last time I was on Indian soil for the EVC Festival I enjoyed it and hope to relive the same feelings


6) If any then, have you got any tips from your fellow artists who have travelled to India in the recent times & any message for the Indian fans ?
HI have not received specific advice recently. I tell all my Indian fans we will have fun at the Corona Sunsets together and I hope to see many people to enjoy the party with me!


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