The Ravers had a word with one of the biggest names from the Dance music scene and an absolute stand out when it comes to Trance Music “Markus Schulz”

Interview - Markus Schulz

The Trance legend who is on a 4 city India tour with VH1 Supersonic spoke to the owl about his love for dance music and a lot more in detail about some trance music! We caught up with Markus over the phone just hours before his huge show at Hyderabad, check out what Markus Schulz has say to on this return to India :

Q) Good Afternoon Markus, It was delightful to see you in Mumbai Yesterday!

Markus : Thank You! It was one night yesterday in Mumbai. Looking forward to playing at Hyderabad today!

Q) Markus, it all went down at The Kitty Su in Mumbai with the VH1 Supersonic Club nights yesterday, how did you feel looking at the Mumbai Crowd?

Markus : I was told that the club Kitty Su had just opened recently. The crowd was really great. I had a special set planned for the club gig in Mumbai and the atmosphere was amazing. And by the end of it the crowd certainly seemed to enjoy it!

Q) You have come down to India before and you were also at the EVC Festival last year, how does it feel to be back in India? 

Markus : I love coming back here. The country and the fans are amazing! The last time I was here as New Word Punx it was a festival. And playing a club gig is always special. The fans are up close and easy to connect in club gigs but the festivals have a different amazing atmosphere too!

Q) The Nickname “Unicorn Slayer” how do you feel about it and how did it all start?

Markus : A few years back a fan on twitter tweeted referring to me as the Unicorn slayer of trance  and I just retweeted it. Since then it went viral among fans but its fun. People now call me that and its okay!

Q) Your project “Dakota”, is there chance we can see that side of you back? Any new Dakota album or Single coming out soon?

Markus : The project “Dakota” is a beautiful one. I have been working on that solo project and produced a few tracks with a collaboration as well. The last album also did really well. I have been playing a lot of those tracks in my sets at festivals. But I’m not sure whether I’ll be releasing those tracks anytime soon.

Q) And since you have come to India quite a few times, what is that one Indian food you crave for?

Markus : I love Butter Chicken. The last time I was here I lived on butter chicken. But I have 4 days here before my final show in Delhi, where my tour ends. So I’m looking forward to try out new Indian food!

It was good having you in Mumbai and we wish you all the best for the rest of your tour! We hope to see you on an album tour in India soon!

(Please note that the words have been modified grammatically as the interview was through a phone)