अक्कड़ बक्कड़ बमबे बो अस्सी नब्बे पुरे सौ…

Nucleya - BASSRani - 2015
Image Credits: Facebook | Nucleya

We all have grown up with this popular rhyme over the years and this shall be etched in our minds forever. But then came a man named ‘Nucleya‘ who simply transformed this entire rhyme for us and turned it into one massive dance number.

Udyan Sagar, better known as ‘Nucleya’ is one of the brightest and unarguably the biggest music producer from India with one envious fan following.The Delhi-based musician took to his much loved heavy bass music and built a career on it. To be honest, Nucleya needs no introduction and is one Homegrown artist who rules over his fans with some catchy, melodic dance numbers. The Owl managed to catch up with the Koocha Monster after his outing at High Street Phoenix’s #AWESTRUNG and figure out what the face behind Nucleya has been up to.

Nucleya - Awestrung
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Firstly, let me tell you that Nucleya is the most popular artist at the Front Row Ravers headquarters. In fact, not a single day passes where we don’t listen to Akkad Bakkad or Bass Rani. Nucleya just reached the next level post Bass Rani don’t you think so?

I am very happy that you guys like my music, Thank you! I do feel like that, and the reason behind that is incredible planning, for example instead of doing your regular Delhi, Mumbai etc for the album tour, we decided to do an extensive tour of the tier 3 cities and that helped us big time in increasing our fan base 😉 


You are one of the flag bearers of the Bass Music scene in the country. Be it the Bandish Projekt to Order of the Essence to the present day Nucleya, Udyan Sagar has seen it all! The journey which began from Ahmedabad has been taking you across the seven seas now. Can you tell us how it all started? What made you choose music as a career alternative?

I feel it started from very early years. My parents are very fond of music and they used to play all sorts of music at home, so I grew up listening to music almost every day. When I started my higher secondary education I met some like-minded friends and got really involved in music, I also started making odd beats with Fruity Loops so ya, these were the very early years of music for me. 


Talking about Order of the Essence, You and Ritesh (B.R.E.E.D) kicked off the Dubstep scene in India back at Sunburn Goa 2008. How did Order of the Essence start and are we going see more of it sometime soon?

I never was really so infatuated with dubstep, I was very heavily into down tempo bass music, kinda like glitch hop, (Khandit Nayaka, [Tonic Remix]). Ritesh was very much in the dubstep thing though the common thing for us was Bass. Nowadays I think we are both in a very different musical space, I would love to see Order of the Essence do more stuff, but it seems a bit unlikely. Fingers Crossed.

What do you think was the turning point of your career?

I think the moment Tej (Brar) took over my management everything started to shape really well, he had great ideas and he executed everything very beautifully and precisely. Post that there was no looking back for me. From the launch of Koocha feel monster to Bass Rani everything is just escalating with a supersonic speed. Now he has an even more powerful team and we together have some really huge plans in the pipeline for 2016.

Nucleya - Tej Brar - Rahul Sinha
Image Credit: Facebook | Nucleya
Nucleya right now is the biggest star in the electronic music industry in the country and the stupendous success of Bass Rani just validates it. I personally feel right now, you have the best PR machinery in the music industry in the country. According to you, how big is the role of PR and marketing agencies in today’s contemporary world?

PR and marketing are very essential, but my manager always tells me that if your music doesn’t work there is nothing to be done with marketing and PR. It’s a prerequisite for the music to be solid, to have music which will work even without any push. I remember I sat down with Tej (Brar) and we went through all my songs for Bass Rani and slowly he discarded about half of the songs from the album, solely because he wasn’t feeling them and it’s essential that we both feel equally kicked about the songs for this to be a true partnership. It’s important that we do this because it’s not about who is right or wrong, it’s that we both just want to put together the very best album we can for the fans.


You seem to have a wild streak to your personality which is quite visible in your music, which defies genres or any of your zesty on-stage performances. But on the other hand, you seem to be quite a laid back person off the stage. How do you manage to switch on and off in these roles?

I don’t see it like that, I enjoy music a lot and that makes me happy and positive. Even if I was in the audience I would go nuts and dance full on, so that’s exactly what I do when I am on stage, it’s very natural for me. It’s the ambience, the energy from the people and everything else which is responsible for this, but when I am home, I am with my son and wife and it’s a different atmosphere, it’s very relaxing and I love the fact that I have this great balance between my work and family life. 


You are a caring husband to your wife Smriti and a doting father to the quirky Guri Gangsta. Let me tell you he surely is the cutest kid I have ever seen in my life and I just loved his vocals in the track ‘Aaja’ from Bass Rani. How important is the contribution of the family to your professional growth?

I owe a lot to Smriti, she stood by me the longest. She helped me with each and every step of Nucleya. This is right from designing the artwork to helping me with music, she is always there and she is honest about her feelings. If she doesn’t like a song I have made she will tell me it sucks!! LOL. But that’s also with my close circle of people. My dear friend and booking agent Rahul (Sinha) recently heard one of my songs and told me “What is this?? You made it?? It’s so bad!!” Haha.


Over all these years, the biggest feature of Nucleya’s music is its availability. One can download your music directly from the web for free. What is your take on the Free vs Paid music debate?

The paid music system didn’t work for me, the reach was very small (even with label marketing) and it didn’t result in the income I was hoping to make with the sales. With free downloads, I do get an incredible reach and it helps me build my fan base. 😉 A lot of our fans are young and in colleges, so they may not have access to credit cards or paid music gateways, so we try to make it as simple for them as possible. 


You have collaborated with the biggest names from different parts of the country and totally different genres of music with phenomenal success. How or what exactly inspire your songwriting process? How do you decide to pick someone up for a collaboration?

I have to feel really excited about the whole concept of the song before I can go ahead with it, and that energy kinda drives the whole process for me. There have been a time when I don’t feel the same way for a song collaboration and it doesn’t make the cut. The idea is always to try and see what will come out of a collaboration without worrying about whether it’s going to work or not. With each collaboration, one learns a lot. I look for people who have similar energy as me when I look for people to collaborate, I need to get really inspired by their sound too. 


You were called upon to carry out the remix duties for a couple of tracks from the superhit Bollywood movie ‘Zindagi Naa Mile Dobara’, post that there were a lot of stories circulating about you moving into Bollywood and composing music for some Bollywood movies. We think time shall answer this question  soon someday but personally do you think there exists a market for electronic music in Bollywood?

Certainly, I am involved in multiple film projects right now. The idea is to find that right balance, I am not here to change film music or to change my music in order to accommodate to film music, the idea is to find the right balance. It will take some time but we will arrive there soon. For us, it’s about working on the right projects. 


Quick Sessions with Nucleya:

– Your favorite music festival and why? 

NH7 coz it’s not a genre driven festival. 


– The most influential persons in your professional career?

Vishal Dadlani.


– You have toured all across India and played in different cities. According, to you the most energetic crowd is from 



– What would be your reaction if you were offered an opportunity to collaborate with Himesh Reshammiya? 

Haha! I will give it a go!

Image Credit: The Heike

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