Sartek, who has been one of the best young talents in India has recently been the one to look out for!  With Support coming right from the #1 DJ Hardwell himself, find out how it feels  to be Sartek!

Interview : Sartek

Q – Hi Sartek, it’s great to have you with us at the Front Row Ravers. Starting off, what made you take such a decision in your life which made you change your career from a Chartered Accountant finalist to a music producer ?

Sartek – Hi Ravers, glad to connect through this interview. I realized that life is all about living your dream. Although I was about to have a good academic career, I was never convinced with myself in spending my life in something what I really don’t love doing. Passion for music started way back from 2006 when I attended Ferry Corsten’s gig in New Delhi and since then I decided I wanted to pursue a career in Music Production. This was a tough task but talent plus passion will always equal to success.

Q – Whom did you consider a inspiration, a role model, to take up producing music as a profession ?

Sartek – I was a big fan of Danish soft rock band Michael Learns to Rock and that is where most of my inspiration comes from. If you are asking specifically about the dance music scene I am totally inspired by producers like Ummet Ozcan, Madeon and First State.

Q – Becoming one of the Indian music producer, who shares his name in the list of his song being played by the world’s no. 1 DJ is indeed something one which can be taken down in history. Was this something which you expected ?

Sartek- No it was never expected that also being a free download. It was a dream come true moment which also now motivated me to work even harder now.

Q – The crowd you’ve enjoyed playing for the most in India ?

Sartek – Thats a tough question as every city has its own charm. I just had a really big show in Goa and the opening of Martin Garrix is still a highlight of my career.

Q – Whom do you think you enjoy playing alongside the most amongst all the Indian music producers ?

Sartek – I haven’t played with all of them till but I’ve had some crazy B2B’s with Joshi and Shaan. Also to mention one of the biggest gig I played last year was with Shaan and Anish Sood at Royalty in Mumbai. We had a ball behind the decks and Sood undoubtedly is a boss when it comes to mixing.

Q – Something which you can tell us about your upcoming production, “Back To The Future” ?

Sartek – I was really inspired by future house sound lately as wanted to make something similar. Also really liked what Oliver Heldens and Don Diablo were doing so tried to give a Sartek version to their style. My unique Sartek melodies topped up with the futuristic drop gave birth to ‘Back To The Future’

Q – This is the question which we’ve been asking everybody. According to you has Electronic music come of age in India ? Are we totally into this genre now ?

Sartek – Oh yes we are on the map. Being the motherland of Bollywood it was a tough fight for dance music but with support of hardcore dance music enthusiasts and fans, India is now one of the top destination for dance music events in Asia.

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