Zaeden was in Bangalore last weekend and we happened to interview this young prodigy. Being so young, he has already been the flag bearer for India on the international EDM scene.

Check out how it went..

First of all ,what do you have to say about Bangalore ?

I keep coming to Bangalore once a month. Its one of my favourite cities. I just love the crowd. Whenever I play any new mixes, they are open to it. They are well educated with the scene.

In 3 words, who is Zaeden?

Tough question man, but when I think of Zaeden, it is ..Girls , (laughs) music and studio.

Let us know when and how it all began?

I started making music when I was 14 and I used to play the guitar and the piano and started recording them on ableton . And then I started listening to Skrillex and Deadmau5 and got into EDM . Then I made this mix of Magic by Coldplay for my sister and it got featured on HOA. Since then, it has been a journey.

We all know you’re the first Indian to feature on Hardwell On Air. How does it feel?

It’s a wonderful feeling. I mean, when it was played as the demo of the week ,I really can’t explain. It became really big in India and its a plus point for me because I’m an Indian and I’m really happy with the support I’ve been getting in India and all over Asia.

We want you to say something about the remix of Magic.

Magic? Okay as I said I made for my sister. She sent it to me when I was doing my sound engineering at Mumbai and asked me to make a remix of it. It was more of an iPod remix for my sister and made it in two days! My manager then sent it to Hardwell’s management and yeah that’s how it happened. It’s something unexplainable !!

Best DJ and producer ?

Best DJ has to be James Zabiela and the best producer let’s say, Knife Party ,Porter Robinson.

Best gig so far?

Best gig so far has to be Valencia, Marenostrum Music Festival. The one with Bourgeous ,the guest appearance was just insane . I mean ,40 thousand people! That was my best show man!

If there’s one DJ you want to team up with, who is it?

In India, Lost Stories,A good friend! And an amazing producer! Outside India? Umm, maybe Curbi.

Where do you see Zaeden in the next 5 years?

It’s a really tough question man, umm I have a release with Bourgeous coming up next year and maybe after that things are gonna pick up and I have a few records coming up with Spinninsoon and I’d be releasing music on Spinnin and doing the thing I most love to do. We’ll see where that takes me.

You have a lot of fans, what do you have to say to them?

I love my fans, I always reply to all the messages . I try to help upcoming producers, trying to advice and I’m really close to them! I just respect them so much.

Something to say to the upcoming producers?

Guys don’t ever give up. Even me, I consider myself zero right now, to be honest and I compare myself to Martin Garrix. I mean, I’m in India, I want to be global! And all upcoming producers, just dream big and don’t give up!

Finally, something to say to Front Row Ravers?

I’ve been reading about you guys. I heard about you guys when Manse told me he took my name in his interview . I wish you all the luck for India and also would want to see you go global! All the best guys! Doing a good job.


So that was the interview with Zaeden and we hope you now know your favourite artist better!