A series of Underground Metal Gigs are turning up day by day.

An increasing group of supporters with black t-shirts on with their swinging Devil’s Horns and heads banging with all the frustration, pain, anger and happiness at a positive note coming out, is possible now just because of some underground bands that are on the verge of getting their every note right till the top.

Metal supporters and listeners are hereby increasing day by day.And at every jam room gig, I do see the number change, bit by bit.Among those good and heavy gigs, on the line up next is KMCRH.

Abbreviation it is, but truly gets a meaning when you hear the lineup playing there.
A few big names among the young metal bands of India are here to add the meaning to the abbreviation.

Line up includes

Asaultt – Thrash Metal
GRAVEROT – Death Metal
Southlane – Thrash Metal
Vairocana – Extreme/Thrash Metal
Vritra – Death Metal

So it all goes like –
Kya Maa C*** Raha Hai!
Yes, and you can pay what you want with a minimal of 30.
Hence-forth, contributing your bits will take these bands and their sweat a level above.
Gigs start at 5.30pm on 10th October 2015.
Address –
305, Ram Ashirwad Industrial Estate, Building
No. 2, Ram Mandir Road, Off S.V. Road, Near
Movie Star, Goregaon West, Mumbai.

Stay Raw, Stay Metal.