With 2 days left for Tomorrowland Unite, we at the Front Row Ravers just managed to hear some whispers about the beautiful and highly accomplished Candice Redding who is part of the Tomorrowland Unite 2016 line up at Hyderabad.

We have our little birds, similar to the ones with Lord Varys and they do have some exciting news for all you Candice Redding fans out there. According to the whispers, we hear that Candice has teamed up with a DJ duo based out in Delhi for a new scintillating party anthem which will be premiered this Saturday at Tomorrowland Unite. We swear to both the old gods and the new, this track would surely be played at a lot more music festivals in the near future.

At this point of time, all we can say is that get ready as Candice Redding has built her army and is flying down to Hyderabad to conquer the hearts of all music lovers gathered for Tomorrowland Unite.

Make sure you watch Candice Redding live in action this Saturday at Tomorrowland Unite, tickets available now.

Ticket link-http://bit.ly/1UA3nqA

Also, do follow Candice Redding across all social platforms as she should be dropping some subtle hints about the same 🙂