Famous for his weekly radio show titled Global DJ Broadcast, his label Coldharbour, Markus Schulz is one improbable music producer, is indeed the “unicorn slayer of trance” and dance music with his signature light, upbeat melodies.
We were lucky to catch up with Markus before he took over the main stage at the Budweiser Electronic Dance Carnival.
Thank you, Markus, for taking out time for this interview!
Markus: No problem,it’s a pleasure to meet you.
This is not the first time you are visiting India; is it the 5th or 5th time to been to India?
Markus: Yea, I have lost track of it now.One of the beautiful things about India is I try to come in a few days early and take in more of this country, so the numerous times I have visited, I feel like home here and always try and explore more.
You have played all the top Electronic Music festivals in India and Insomniac’s flagship EDC has expanded to India, So how is it like to play at EDC?
Markus: One of the thing about EVC is general is the production.When you’re up onstage, you feel proud,you know that you look good; you sound good the production is so much massive,there is so much detail in the production.I think that’s the beautiful part about EVC.

EDC is like they underpromise, and theY Always overdeliver.

Then there are festivals which are like HYPE, HYPE, HYPE, and then you go, and it’s like Okay, not worth the hype.But when you go EDC you are blown, that pleasant unexpected is what I love that about EDC.
You are playing, and also Ferry Corsten playing at EDC. You both share a part of the project too, tell us about it?
Markus: Yes, we do a project called as New World Punx, but Ferry is working on his album, and I am working on a project next year, so we are taking a break.But obviously you’ll see us together, like this B2B or you know maybe a set together here or there but we are focusing on our single things in 2017 but you know Ferry is my best friend, we are always in the studio hanging around, making trouble together.
Any unreleased music planned for us tonight?
Markus: Well not actually, We both will be playing our tracks.
You have been wandering around since morning at the EDC artist village and venue, has the production team been able to recreate The EDC with international standards?
Markus: Yes admittedly, I know the guys who are here from EDC, that put it together, their attention to detail is exceptional.I anticipate and have seen pictures; I have my team as well who have already been doing sound checks, and they are like “This is an amazing stage” So I am super excited about it.
So you have been to India several times now, anything you look forward to doing in Indian particular? Is there something you miss every time?
Markus: No I think for me, it’s the positive energy in India and I enjoy being around that, I kind of even just enjoy driving from the airport to the hotel, just soaking the energy there is some magical about it.
India is no another place in the world; there is just something magical in the air.So when I come to India, I feel the magic, whether it is just from the quick drive or like last time I went to see the Taj Mahal and spend quite a bit of time around.
Little by little seeing more of the country.
You have your podcast on Digital Radio every Thursday, are you working to carry it around the world, and one day bring it to India?
Markus: The show is tuned in with more than 100 cities around the world, and for me, the radio show is more listening and fans enjoying the music online, also we have cold harbor nights shows around the world

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