Mumbai-based Metal Band Primitiv that started in 2013 are on their way to release their Debut Album ‘Immortal and Vile‘.
It’s further revealed that the album will be something like a new dish with the tastes of many.
The taste charts include elements of death metal, doom, thrash and rock & roll to give rise to what the band calls Stone-Age metal.

The bassist of the band Riju Dasgupta describes the album as a universe where a man walks side by side with gods and robots and tanks and artificial intelligence.
Further revealed, the seven track album is unique as every track holds a separate incident from around the world.
The Independent Metal Scene is surely going to have a unique hold over the symphonies soon as the album releases next month.

On being asked upon the variety of the inputs added to the album,
Vocalist Nitin Rajan says:-

Because we predominantly use growls in all our songs, people may consider us death metal, but we sure are not only death metal. The very reason that we could not slot ourselves into an existing genre is why we came up with our very own genre for the sake of reference.”

Though the release for the album is slated for the next month, the band has yet not confirmed any album tour.