As a person who has grown up on the music from the likes of David Gilmour, John Petrucci and Steven Wilson, progressive music has always had a special place in my heart. I always so eager to know more about these music stalwarts and I did try to imitate them in my futile attempts to make music. So I switched over and tried to do something I was better at, writing about music, covering gigs and interviewing artists that I love.

Last week I had this pleasant conversation with Bantering Ram on the current state of music in the country, and there I realized that there is much more to progressive music than what catches our eyes. It’s complex rhythm and rich structure, which demands much attention from the audience, is what Ram cites as the reason that leads to this particular genre tagged as ‘niche choice’ by fellow music listeners. But this being said he made sure to point out that this very complexity of progressive music is, in fact, its most intriguing quality 😉

Ram then went on to emphasize on the fact that, as a nation, we seem to strongly associate progressive music as heavy, djenty sounds produced by the likes of Sky Harbor or Goddess Gagged. While the genre quite suavely assimilates into our everyday music and we see its’s influence into the different forms of music like metal, math-rock, post-rock and electronica as well. This very fact inspired Ram to start working on his latest musical project, ‘Progworks On Wheels,’ an idea initiated last year as a single day club showcase by Rainburn front-man, Vats Iyengar.

Ram, who alongside Bluetree head honcho, Uddipan Sarmah, created the much talked about #2StrokeTour, has moved onto working with Rainburn front-man, Vats Iyengar, to give progressive music a new dimension. The two gentlemen from Bangalore along with Mumbai-based artist manager, Ashwin Sharma, are hitting the road with a fresh, new musical project ‘Progworks On Wheels‘. The series of events will see Mumbai-based prog-rock band Coshish and Bangalore’s Prog Rockers Rainburn hit the road with an intense 5 city series within 3 weeks time.

The two progressive rock heavyweights will kick off the series of gigs at Delhi on the 14th of October before Progworks on Wheels takes over Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

With the aim of giving the best of progressive music, the series will see the likes of a few bands from other genres apart from prog-rock, showcase their music.

The Uncertainty Principle, who are on the verge of releasing their much-awaited album will be joined by the fresh faces of Passages at Delhi’s Antisocial, HVK on the 14th of October.Get your Tickets HERE.

While Mumbai is blessed with an incredible line up which resembles a music festival – Coshish and Rainburn play alongside Fraunikus and super group of drone metallers, Pangea at antiSOCIAL, Khar on the 19th of October.

Pune too has its equal share of musical bliss with the highly talented progressive post-rock group, Celestial Teapot at Hard Rock Café on the 20th of October.Get your tickets HERE.

Math-rock band, Stuck in November, will join the two prog rockers at Bangalore’s The Humming Tree on the 27th of October, while the city of Nawaabs, Hyderabad are in for a spectacular finale with both Coshish and Rainburn slated to perform at The Other Side on the 28th of October, 2016.Tickets for Bangalore available HERE.

RSVP to the Hyderabad Show Here.

Progressive music lovers across the country are surely in for a treat with the ‘Progworks On Wheels’ series, and hopefully, they come all out and support these immensely talented homegrown musical acts in their respective cities.

In fact, as a progressive music fan, I think this is we all came together and ‘Make Prog Great Again!’ 🙂