Skrillex is no strange when it comes to collaboration and we might just be surprised with another one coming soon! Skrillex X Tempa T might just happen after both are spotted together in the studio!


s who’s latest collaboration with Jahil Beats and Tom Morello was leaked on Jahil’s instagram, was spotted hanging out with Tempa T in the studio. Not long after Skrillex’s collaboration with Jahil Beats & Tom Morello’s was confirmed as the soundtrack for the next version of Guitar Hero, Tempa T drop’s huge hint thought his Instagram!

@djcameo #grime #hype #Studio with @Tempa_t @skrillex 2 bridging dat gap #GimmeGrime #Neeeeeeeeexthype #dickheadting #itsbaitisbait

In a hand full of instagram post, Skrillex X Tempa T have been spotted having dinner, talking about Tampa T’s highly anticipated debut album “Pre The Baitness” and teaser video of the 2 in the studio. It might be too soon to report of any Skrillex X Tempa T record dropping soon, but their work is sure to destroy the charts!


This might just be a rumour but we all hope that the Skrillex X Tempa T happens soon!


Tempa T’s debut album “Pre The Biatness” can be pre-ordered here.