Stranger Things’ soundtrack has apparently invigorated the music world, and lately, the legendary German synth outfit Tangerine Dream have been inspired by the soundtrack and produced few covers of the amazing soundtrack.

Tangerine Dream has delivered several critically acclaimed albums, scored numerous films and most recently composed the score for Grand Theft Auto 5 – and now have turned their attention to S U R V I V E’s stunning score.

In case you live under the rock, “Stranger Things” is the Netflix’s new mystery monster. The show is essentially genre-less, with numerous references and allusions to that period weaved into a mysterious sci-fi horror tapestry that ends up being something wholly unique and utterly engrossing.

Three tracks have been uploaded over the past 3 days, two edits of the theme song and another track titled ‘II.’

Check out the three songs below, and delve into the official soundtrack right here.