The Owl Talks: Rancido


Randy Tjon-A-Fon, also known as Rancido, is one of the hottest talents from the Dutch house scene right now. With his afro-beats, soulful and deep house he takes your mind, body and soul on a Deep Journey. He shall be playing at this week’s edition of Deep In Dance along side the talented homegrown duo Orbs & Zen (Regenerate). We had the opportunity to speak with the man of the moment Rancido about his debut India tour, the state of house music and much more.

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1. Namaste Randy! We are glad that you took some time out for this interview with the Front Row Ravers. So how excited are you for your debut gig in India?

Rancido: Thanks guys, it’s my pleasure. I am very excited to be here. I am looking forward to seeing some new places, making new friends 🙂

2. So you have been making music from an early age of 12. Tell us a bit more about your musical background and how you have arrived at your current sound.

Rancido: I used to be a dancer and I grew up with house music through my mother which evolved into listening into more urban stuff. But in the end, I got back to my roots and started producing house music that was eventually influenced by the African sounds, which is where I am now.

3. Let’s talk about how you filter through music. How often does the range within your own curation change? Do you float from one ‘musical phase’ from another or is it all quite centralized idea-wise?

Rancido: I’m always floating, I cannot stick to one particular sound…I like all sorts of genres so why stick to one! Yeah, over the time I have developed my music where I can say I have a base which is deep house influenced by the African rhythms.

4. You are signed onto Innervisions Records which is one of the hottest record labels  catering to underground music. How exactly did this go through?

Rancido: I was pretty much curious in the first place whether or not they would like my sound, my music but then I had to take a step. I approached them and they did love it 🙂 In the end, it turned out to be very pretty much easier than I expected.

5. Coming from Netherlands, you should be facing some stiff competition from other DJ’s. Don’t you think the music scene back home is a bit saturated where the supply quite easily exceeds the demands out there?

Rancido: I believe I don’t have any competition as such that’s because music is not competitive to me. I believe that each of the producers out there love making their own brand of music, the ones which they believe in. Ultimately, everyone is good at what they do and as you can see everyone has their own unique vibe/sound.

6. What do you think about the current state of House music?

Rancido: I thinks it’s cool and I like that there are a lot of genres because this way people can really do their thing, express themselves. Now a days, you can see that there are different genres and styles to choose from where a DJ switches from one genre to another but  I’ m focused on my own style of making music. I don’t really go with what’s hot right now!

7. Finally, what are you most looking forward to over the rest of 2016? It doesn’t have to be an event or gig, perhaps something personal, or even a holiday…

Rancido: I have a long list of things that i have too look forward to 2016, new gigs , new places surely do form a part of it. In fact, I would say it’s kinda really tough to answer this one as there are pretty good things lined up in 2016. Keep watching 🙂

#FastFive with FRR:


1. The first word that comes to mind when you hear India?

 Delicious, spicy Indian food 😉

2. Your best friends from the electronic dance music circuit are?

 I have a lot of them, it’s really hard to pick from them.

3. The best female vocalist ever.

-My vote goes for Jill Scott for sure.

4. What’s the craziest or most ‘unorthodox’ moment of spontaneity you’ve had when getting in the mood to write music?

– I don’t really think you would like to that 🙂

5. Your favorite video game?
 Super Bomber Man 2 / Final Fantasy 8

Make sure you witness Rancido live in action at the next edition of Deep In Dance powered by AnkyTrixx & Friends Entertainment (AFE)

Date: 15th July , 2016

Time: 10 PM onwards

Venue: Ark, Courtyard Marriott, Mumbai