From playing one off weekend gigs in a single city or two, BlueTree’s 2Stroke Tour redefined the meaning of a National Tour.

On an odd weekday last year when I stepped into The blueFROG, I had never thought I was experiencing a tour, which a few months from then would change the way I look at independent bands touring the country. The first edition of 2Stroke tour that hit the road in June last year, changed many life’s associated with the Independent Music Scene in India. While many of us were used to terming weekend concerts as tours, the tour module planned out by BlueTree served its purpose right from day 1. The idea of having consecutive shows put together and termed as a National Tour was something that many of us hadn’t experienced before the 2Stroke Tour. The 2 faces of the 2Stroke tour never backed out from taking a risk or working out a perfect plan that suits the venue and the band.

The DIY initiative saw bands stepping out of their comfort zone and playing back to back shows across the country.

In most certainly, it would be safe to say that the genius of Uddipan Sarmah and Ramakrishnan managed to create a tremor in the independent music scene, seeing bands step out to play back to back shows from the North to the South and East to the West.


The DIY Tour that kicked off in June last year managed to change the perception of many independent bands in the country. Over the last couple of months, we came across many bands stepping on for the multi-city tours with consecutive show dates. Apart from getting bands to play back to back shows, the tour also managed to influence venues right from the north tip of the country at the end of the land on the southern side to take up the initiative to host bands throughout the week instead the regular one off weekend show. The 2Stoke Tour took their brand of music to many new cities right from Shillong and Guwahati in the North-East to Chennai and Hyderabad in the South apart from hitting the urban culture cities of Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Delhi.

The tour that started off as a 5 city tour in the monsoon last year went on to take over 8 cities playing 9 shows during their last edition. The debut edition that was originally set up for Uddipan’s post-rock outfit, Aswekeepsearching, saw the addition of the mighty grunge rockers, Skrat, adding a higher value to the DIY tour. From 250 people showing up at the heavy monsoon Mumbai city, to ending the 5 day, 5 city tour at Bangalore’s Indigo Live Bar, the 2Stroke Tour was everything the scene had been waiting for. After a short 2 month break, the tour made a return with Siddharth Basrur’s Last Remaining Light and Suyasha SenGupta’s The Ganesh Talkies. The Kolkata-based bands set the tone up with a 8 city, 9 day National tour. The second edition saw the bands on their feet with the addition of Kolkata, Shillong, and Guwathi. The edition saw ‘The Circus‘ fresh off their third album, ‘With Love’, and ‘Street Story’s fresh off their EP, Deaf Punk, head over to 8 cities over 12 days.

The third edition and one of my personal favorites saw many enjoyable occasions with Street Story guitarist, Pezo and The Circus’ sarcastic take on everything about life. Right from creating socially awkward situations right in the middle of their sets to heading back home to play a surprise closing set at a featuring 50 bands, ‘The Real Definition Of Punk‘, Pezo, has quite a few stories for the history books.

Check out the Tour Dairy of the third edition of the 2Stroke Tour here:

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After three successful DIY Nationwide tours with top notch independent musicians, BlueTree are back in August with the fourth edition and are rumored to feature a veteran band reuniting!

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