Don Diablo absolutely showing his kind and gentle side in supporting talents in the world has broke all the boundaries! The video features a boy named Rick from his neighbouring village, who is probably a motor sport(BMX) fanatic. With the boy named Rick, riding his BMX all over the obstacles and growing up showing his success in time is a very strong message given to the generation!


A very soothing and uplifting video, supporting the budding talent, not only in music but anywhere! Beautifully directed by Patrick van der Wal, the video has reached 113k+ views in just 18 hours and fans are still adding on their views! Totally loving the music and video!
The Don expands his sound adding another universe to his house music palette. Here the vibe gets a euphoric treatment, presenting mesmerizing melodies and enervating vocals, sweet piano chords and cool productional tricks. It’s another step deeper into the world of Don Diablo, exciting and melodic, but surely a Universe you want to explore!

“We all have our own story.. A few years ago, I grew up in a small village with my mom and dad and two older brothers.. As the years past, I started dreaming about travelling the world and sharing my music with people all over the planet.. And while I was working hard to achieve my goals and chase my dreams, somewhere in a village close to mine, there was a boy named Rick, working hard to achieve his dreams.. Some may call him crazy, others may call him brave.. All I can say is that Rick showed me that limits like fears are often in illusion.. We all have our own story, This is Rick’s story!” ~ Don Diablo

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“If you work hard and believe the universe will always help you to catch your dreams!” ~ Don Diablo

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