After a crackling ‘Side A’ release back in November 2016, the 5-piece folk outfit led by Ankur Tewari complete the release of their sophomore album, ‘Side A/Side B’ with the release of ‘Side B’ of the double album.

The double album featuring eminent fusion act, Karsh Kale, ace electronic music producer, Sandunes, and one of Pakistan’s finest music exports, Zoe Viccaji, comes in as a follow to the illustrious debut album, ‘Jannat.’ Ankur Tewari, in his efforts to evoke nostalgia with his simple lyric and soulful melodies, brings stories from the road, the spirit of friendship and inspiration into the ‘Side A/Side B.’ The second part of the album see’s singer-songwriter, Ankur Tewari, walk us through his past life with his heartfelt music that comes with a sing-along impulse with it over the 6 tracks.

The beautiful eponymous Side B opens up with lifting melody played on a Xylophone on ‘Teri Yaad,’ putting light on forgotten love and lost conversations, instantly connecting with the listeners. The band incorporates a bitter-sweet ballad onto the album with their second single, ‘Dil Haare.’ The band’s lead guitarist, Gaurav Gupta, brings along his skills on the Mandolin on the bands dance-friendly song, ‘Zalim Alien.’

The prolific band brings in the Rock n Roll vibe to the album with the Guitalele on their single, ‘Tu Hee Hai’ while the singer-songwriter sticks spreading stories about love with catchy rhythms. The melancholic feel continues with a sad strain minimalist treatment on the electric guitar. The 6-track emotional ballad comes to an end with a new dimension of the band’s sound on their album’s anthem, ‘Yaaron’ highlighting friendship.

Ankur & The Ghalat Family’s sophomore album, Side A/Side B, is now available on iTunes and Saavn.