Ambernath’s thrash metal outfit, Emergency Trigger, who left the fans marveled with their music since their formation in 2011, are finally way too old means.

The Mumbai-based Thrash metallers who played their last set the first edition DIY Metal Gig Series, Blackblood, introduce us to their latest release, Origin EP.
The band is set to release their very first EP after they parted ways with former guitarist, Vinod.
There is a new dimension when it comes to the songwriting process of the band but the raw energy while playing live and recording is just the same. With Vinod, the songwriting process was different as Vinod brought out of the world ideas into the band. With the new EP, our focus is to try and sustain the intensity in our music and try to keep it raw and real. So, the perspective is almost the same!”
Emergency Trigger’s ‘Origin EP’ brings the idea of breaking the barriers and breaking free from the stereotypes to life with 3 singles, ‘415 AM’, ‘Unable‘ and ‘Origin‘.With efforts laid by Swapnil Garud, Anoop Warrier, Jatin Jitendrakumar and Evan Shimron.
We believe in breaking the barriers, freeing the mind from all the stereotypes, finding your inner self and changing the wrongs within more than changing what’s going on. The singles aren’t based on anything particular. We have put a lot of social and political situations collectively in a character who is trying to get away from them, though the characters come from different backgrounds and situations.
The first track, Unable’ talks about a common middle-class man. ‘4:15 am’ is about a labor worker, and ‘Origin’ can be anyone who is not allowed to go out of the norms he doesn’t want to follow but has to because it’s being followed as a tradition”
The Band hit Sreejith Menon’s Media Tribe studio at Rachana Sansad Institute, Dadar while ETs Bassist, Jatin Jitendrakumar took charge of the mixing and mastering process.
The release of the Origin EP comes with a dark tantalized cover artwork, “The artwork describes the dark side of our origin which has been taken over!” We wanted the EP to be the introduction of the band’s ideology, so we went with ‘Origin.’ Origin itself means the place from where we belong or where our roots are. It also is one of our most creative tracks and has a definitive sound.”
Finally, after finishing the recording and mixing process, the band is set to hit the road for the first time since the 10th of April 2016. With shows lined up, the metallers look forward to taking to all the metal heads across the country.
“We are all set to take the EP release to as many places as possible, and we are hoping it spreads out to metal heads around. It might not change our live schedule much at the start, but we are hoping it to bring us to a point where we are capable of releasing a full-length album.”
“The jam room gig is more of a launch gig than just a gig. We have kept a listening session of the EP with descriptions of the songs and the artwork. We hardly get opportunities to explain what our songs are all about and share what the EP is all about to our audience. As far as intensity is concerned, we will be playing a set list with six songs for the first time, our longest to date. We are also going to launch a new song which is a sequel to ‘The 8th Union Territory’. Our friends from Dionysian will be setting up to support and playing a set with us!”
The band that went into hiatus before hitting the first edition of Blackblood have started taking things to the next level.
“We are taking it more seriously now, while we work on our live schedule to promote ‘Origin’ EP, we have been working on a new single. We plan to put at least another single by the end of the year. Other than that, we plan to compose new stuff and take it forward as it goes!”
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