We all know Music has breathed for as long as humanity has found its voice, and presumably before.Every culture in the world has it’s distinct form of music, as discrete and unique to its area as language and cuisine. World Music Days sights at transcending boundaries when it comes to music and musicians and I believe, music holds the key to universal peace.
Well on this auspicious occasion, GetSetGig, a notable marketplace to hire talented live performing artists from over a network 2000+ musicians, bands, DJs, anchors and stand-up comedian have launched their new Intellectual property called “GetSetGig Step.
For starters, the new “GetSetGig” has many modules for the batch of selected musicians who will then get to learn, experience and develop from an array of gigs. These aspiring singers/musicians will be given opportunities to perform live in front of people and will be given decisive feedbacks on which these artists would ultimately improve.
By the end of 12 weeks of this crash course, that is after around 20-25 gigs; the artists would get to learn and experience the various aspects of live performance. GetSetGig’s modules include basic mannerism on stage, interacting with the audience, how to handle a mistake made on stage and so on.
By taking the musicians/singers through this, they aim to create a reliable batch of quality performers.
And the good part is, GetSetGig is sharing all this knowledge for absolutely no cost.

Sahaj Nalgirkar, the founder of GetSetGig, told us
“We wanted to launch our new program, GetSetGig step, for musicians who want to jumpstart their career. We thought what better occasion than world music day?”

“We want to see a time when our clients would not be able to reject any options provided by us because they are all awesome; ” shares Aditya Hanchinal, the co-founder of GetSetGig.


How can one apply for the GetSetGig Step?

  • Well, it’s relatively straightforward, the interested artists can log on to www.getsetgig.com/step and apply for GetSetGig step.

  • Once the artist fills the form, the artist management team will have an audition/interaction with the artist to choose 5-6 artists in a batch.

The launch of “GetSetGig Step” was followed by a live jamming session on behalf of world music day. They called 5 upcoming and talented musicians and singers to do a jam session in the central atrium of Phoenix Paragon Plaza. These 5 musicians had never seen each other before; it was here today they interacted with each other for the very first time. They were all from different background, skills, talent, and interests. But when they started jamming together, it all came out as one, hence proving that anything does not bind music.
These 5 musicians had never seen each other before, it was here today they interacted with each other for the very first time.
A nice jam session with a huge audience was followed by a small interaction of the founder with the artists who concluded,

“It’s beautiful to know how an artist creates a bond between people”.

Check out www.getsetgig.com for more information.