This news has spread faster than Tyrion Lannister’s Wildfire and may be the prayers of all metal fans in India answered after 7 long years.

All the Maiden fans happily stay awake till their eyes turn red or the rumour turns true as the band is expected to include India in their The Book Of Souls World Tour that would be featuring in 35 countries for the World Tour !

Iron Maiden have a prodigious 6 continental tour to promote their latest album ‘ The Book of Souls‘ which was released on September 04th, 2015. Their famous ED Force One Jumbo Jet would be travelling across many big cities like Melbourne, Johannesburg and many others.
The Books of Souls‘ was heavily accepted by the metal fans and this one album is surely one fucking masterpiece! The album has tracks which have gained the number one position across all the major music charts.
Currently, it’s just a rumour that’s filling in the news and the band has yet not confirmed about Iron Maiden India Tour!
So we can have a good hope that the arrival turns true.