NCPA is back with yet another musical night planned, and this time we have 4 versatile, diverse musicians collectively performing on 1 stage.

The Indian Music – Confluence which will feature the great Ranjit Barot (drums), Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (slide guitar), Mohini Dey (Bass) and Gulraj Singh (keyboards and vocals) takes place at NCPA this Wednesday,16th November.

On the drums, we have Ranjit Barot who has worked with and is inspired by musical giants including Zakir Hussain, the late U. Shrinivas and John McLaughli. We have Vishwa Mohan Bhatt,the Grammy awardee maestro of Mohan-veena ,well known for his cross-cultural collaborations of Indian classical and jazz / world music.

The youngest of the lot.Mohini Dey is a young electric bass player genius and has already carved a name for herself in the world of contemporary music. Teaming up with the band is Gulraj Singh a vibrant vocalist and keyboard player lately experimenting with Sufi and Contemporary Indian styles.


Dates:16th November
Venue: NCPA , Mumbai
Ticket :