The underground talent from Bombay, Bleakflux has just released an official remix of our favorite ​Electronic music artist, and producer Yoe Mase called “Lonely.”

The track opens up with a happy piano tune and infringes into an ambient sound. The original vocals that boast “In this world full of trouble, Where the madness won’t stop” overlaps the quick build, hinting at the chilled drop that’s to come.

Bleakflux beautifully captures the “the feeling of isolation in unlimited space” imbibed with his signature sounds.BleakfLux adds an ambient atmospheric essence which is indeed a heavenly treat to just sit back and stargaze in the track.

You can sense that Bleaks’s version adds energy into the track, with some signature synths that commemorate the beautiful song and letting the vocals shine through.

Listen to the remix below, and share the word around.